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Q.What’s can you supply for me?
A:--we offer one-stop sourcing served from China. From the very beginning to the end. Such as sourcing product and send Quotation to you, collection samples and approval,Mass production follow up, QC inspection and factory audit, shipment arrangement.
production, Inspection and factory audit, shipment and others. Just tell us what is service or products you need, we will coordinate with you.
-- If you have suppliers already, then we can do the job to combine them together.
--Offering import consultation.

--Assistant when you are in China.

Q.How do you sourcing suppliers for our order?

A:-- we have a wide range supplier data base and do comprehensive online search.

For the products we already involved, we send to our current suppliers to quote and offer you the most competitive price. These suppliers are evaluated by  our daily work, they are 100% support and easy communication and  responsible.

For the product we did not sourced before, we do a marketing research first, to find out which the best city to make the products, then we source suppliers on the internet and requested for a quote and samples, then we to check the quality and the price. For new supplier, our team do a thorough investigation before we move forward.

We also collect many factories resources from our local city, wholesales  markets, trade fair and others.

Q.How Can I start coopeation with you? Is there any limited?

A: Generally, everything you need  import from China,as long as its legal.Tell us what’s you need us to sourcing from China, we will assistant you step by step to get what you need.

Q. Does your company familiar with different products/industries?
A: We have sourced many different products in various industries, even, though we  can not be exports in all industries.
For a fact, everyone has their weakness, because our time is limited.But if you have a new products tor us to sourcing, we learn from it first and contact the right factories to compare , we communicate to them directly about the  information involved to the product all aspect. We do cross contrast for the samples and prices.

Q. How do you guarantee  the quality of each order?
A: When Goods arrive at our warehouse, we check every box to check quality, quantity, color, size, package, and send you photos for your confirmation.
Also we do in-process inspection to control the quality and final inspection.




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