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Quality Control and Factory Audit

Quality Control and Factory Audit

After mass production finished, the next job we do is inspection before delivery to you.We  both know that product is business. Quality is the most essential to all of us.Low quality products may lead to lose potential customers of your business.

Hence,We choose quality oriented suppliers to work with, and monitor the quality very closely.Our aim is to make sure no product with quality defective delivery to you.There is different options for us to conduct the quality control.

1. we request supplier to do the final inspection once product finished, this requested to submit QC report and video check if necessary. This is ensure the product itself produced accordance with the confirmed sample and specifications, also the package at good conditions.

2.our agent will conduct in-line inspection and final inspection if needed. We send the QC report to you for your evaluation.

3.Conduct inspection in our warehouse.If you need our team to help conduct the inspection at our site, we can do so.

For new supplier we did’t cooperated, we conduct factory audit at their site before proceed.Our team check every aspects of their facility, workshop, staffs, quality control system, finished product warehouse, raw material storage, product certifications, and other related.




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