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The last process is shipping for the whole import from China.

As your buying office, we always on behalf of your company take care all the shipping matters to getting the product arrived to you as scheduled.

With different order volume, we choose different transport method to ensure it is the most economic way.Normally, there are three shipping way we do,

1.By Sea-Large volume orders, if volume fit one full container, then we choose FCL shipment, this is the most economic way. If volume less one full container, then we choose  LCL shipment.

2.By Air- If you have very urgent order, we can chose this way.

3.By Courier- for some very small volume product, and you need in urgent, we can use this way.

With our massive products shipped, and support from our forwarders, we will always to help you to get lower shipping rate, to save your product costs from transport.




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