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Sourcing Request

Sourcing Request

If you did not found the right supplier in China or the supplier you contacted is hard to communicate, here we are.Aidi sourcing is here to help you to solving problems, make your sourcing easier and efficiently.

Aidi sourcing team sourcing product based on your request in China. Whatever the product/service you need, our team will assist you and back to you our solutions.

When you sent us a sourcing request, please supply the details of the product you want, a reference sample will be much help and time saving. If no reference sample available, we also can outsource with the information you provided to us.

We will back to you quotes with sample photos reference in 2 working day. It will be great if you can advise your purchase quantity, target price, packing request and other information relative to the products.

If you already have suppliers in China, we also can sourcing better product rate for you, you can consider Aidi sourcing as your buying office in China, we act as your side and coordinate all your jobs in China, that’s means we are your only contact window in China, we take care of all supplier staffs, you gain much more time take care of your clients and your marketing,it’s time saving for you to gain more business.

Our sourcing service is free. You no need pay us a penny for product souring, only when you satisfied with the product and price we offered, then you can consider hire us to handle mass productions and use our other valuable services.




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