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Supplier Sourcing and price offer

Supplier Sourcing and price offer

We study your sourcing requirement and outsource product with a suitable supplier and get back to you our quotation. Our quotation will give you an approximate prices including the following:

1.Unit price of product
2.Mold cost of product-if needed
3.Packaging fee- if needed
4.Shipping cost- based on your order quantities, we will offer you different shipping way
5.Product test fee-if needed
6.Other fees related
7.Our commission

We have a wide range supplier database, around 60 qualified suppliers in China. The suppliers are proved by our daily work that they are offer high lever products with reasonable prices, easy communicate and strong service oriented.

When the requested product not meet our existing supplier, we will conduct new supplier sourcing, and do a thorough background check on the new supplier, included factory audit, quality control system, clients range, production status,etc.




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