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How To Find The China Supplier That’s Right For your Business

1.Define your ideal Supplier
2.Search for supplier online or at trade shows
3.Narrow down to 3-5 supplies
4.Finalize 1 supplier and place order

Define Your Ideal Supplier
a. Manufacture
b. Trading Company
c. Agent
d. Sourcing Service Provider

Manufacturer- professional on products, not easy to communicate.

Trading Company
Advantages-better communication ,lover MOQ
Disadvantages- always higher prices, don’t understand how to improve the product when defects occur.

Agent-Aware of agent being paid by suppliers

Sourcing Service Provider- your sourcing office in China. It’s an time saving way.

How to Identify Manufacturers
1. Look for manufacture on business license
2. Manufactures tend to offer similar products
3. Trading companies carry a varied range of products
4. At the trade shows,just ask
5. Visit factory

Most Factories have showrooms with the full range of products(even some products you did’t find online or on the trade shows)

Regulatory Compliance
1. Mandatory Safety Standards
2. Importer is Liable
3. European Commission Has Issued Guidelines to Control Products Sold on Line
4. Ask inspection Companies

Importers is responsible for being compliment with all regulations.

Export Markets
If your products has safety requirements, choose a supplier that has experience exploring to Europe.

Search for supplier online or at trade shows
1.Search for the product con supplier directions
2.Use filters to narrow down search results
3.Send inquiry or post request for quotation
4.Don’t go for the product with the lowest price
5. Visit trades how in HK or Mainland China

Narrow down to 3-5 supplies
1. order samples
2. Confirm order quantity
3. Ask for copies of factory/product certifications
4. Ask to fill in supplier profile(included year of establish, experience with the product, main markets, main customers,R&D staff, number of employees,Production capacity, revenue, payment terms, lead time…etc)

Finalize Supplier and Place Order
1. Define your quality criteria, on the purchase order.
2. Payment:30% advance,70% after pre-shipment inspection
3. Get a pre-shipment inspection

Here below is some informations and resources for online sellers

I have a factory that promises they are ROHS and EN71 lead free and phalate free.
What's the worst that can happen if  the product as lead free etc and it turns out  I don't have the proper paperwork to back it up?
1)A related note: if you're given certificates, get them authenticated by the testing house. For example SGS has this page that explains how to check they are genuine or allows you to upload them to have them verified:
2) The worst that can happen is you are sued. I wouldn't take that chance if I were you. Have it validated through independent testing houses if required

Is there a website I can go to that tracks areas in China where the government has temporarily shut down factories for pollution concerns? My supplier was supposed to ship 2 weeks ago and when I reached out to them they said my order hasn't been started because the factories in their area have all be temporarily closed due to pollution. None of my other suppliers have this issue right now and I don't know if it's done regionally or what. They keep giving me the run around and I'd like to know for certain if they've been shut down or they're just putting my order aside while they work on some bigger ones.
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